Amaresh Sahu
I'm an independent postdoc based in New York City


Curriculum Vitae
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In the 2023–2024 academic year, I will join the Department of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin as an Assistant Professor. Until then, I am working as an independent postdoc, based in New York City.

During my PhD, I worked with Prof. Kranthi Mandadapu at UC Berkeley. My research focused on studying the dynamics of lipid bilayers in the cell, by developing theories and numerical methods. I collaborated with Dr. Joël Tchoufag, Yannick Omar, Alec Glisman, and Prof. Sho Takatori.

Before Berkeley, I majored in chemical engineering at Princeton University, where I worked with Prof. Howard Stone. For more information, please see my CV.

Selected Publications

Technical Writings

  • Dynamic scaling of growing interfaces: The Kardar–Parisi–Zhang equation

    [pdf] class project, PHY 212: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics