1. Absolute/convective instabilities and front propagation in lipid membrane tubes

    [pdf] [suppl pdf] [videos] [arXiv]  ❖ (talk) + (slides)  ❖ (long slides)
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  2. Active contact forces drive non-equilibrium fluctuations in membrane vesicles

    [pdf] [doi] [suppl pdf] [code] [videos] [arXiv]  ❖ (talk) + (slides)
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  3. Geometry and dynamics of lipid membranes: The Scriven–Love number

    [pdf] [doi] [suppl pdf] [arXiv]  ❖ (slides)
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  4. Non-axisymmetric shapes of biological membranes from locally induced curvature

    [pdf] [doi] [suppl pdf] [bioRxiv]
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  5. Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian finite element method for curved and deforming surfaces
    I. General theory and application to fluid interfaces

    [pdf] [doi] [videos] [arXiv]
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  6. Irreversible thermodynamics of curved lipid membranes

    [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
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  7. Flow dependent performance of microfluidic microbial fuel cells

    [pdf] [doi]
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